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So I just remembered this fic and I trawled my Lj for it.. This is probably my fave HHR ficlet I've done so, repost. I've been tempted to expand on it but I kinda like how it's a stolen moment that could fit into canon.

Been writing again too, which I'm enjoying, as I get older I stop overthinking it :) perks!

The BetCollapse )
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I don't know how I feel about this whole Cursed Child book.

Like.. I don't want to be a hater for hater's sake - I will love JKR to the end of my days there is basically nothing she can do that would make me change that.. I'm a *hand on heart* fangirl forever. I mean, I'm a 100% HHR shipper from POA onwards and even then I wasn't mad at her. (Okay, I got a little pissed at the Epilogue of Doom but I still forgave her lol). I can handle all the canon ships and deaths because JKR's HP universe is just so incredible and she's a muthafucken master.

I wasn't interested in a Casual Vacancy, only because the synopsis didn't excite me. But still I was happy for her that she was writing what she wanted and whatever. I was looking forward to Fantastic Beasts and then held the glimmer of optimism about an HP continuation one fine day.

Now when I see the book and hear it's about Albus and well.. I'm not even excited for it :( like I queued for every new HP book or pre-ordered and this one I feel so meh about. And it's BECAUSE - I had just assumed any new HP story would be about Teddy Lupin. I mean, I thought it was kinda obvious, he was orphaned, probably has some cool powers etc from his shapeshifter Mum and werewolf dad. I don't really *want* to hear about adult Harry and even his kids.. I suppose that's because I ship Harry and Hermione but... still..I'd even prefer to see a story from the Marauder's era.

Yeah, that's all really. Just needed to get that off mah chest :)

Oh and here's a scene I wrote for an unfinished fic I wrote called Babylon that includes Teddy so I can get that off mah chest too lol. Not sure if it will makes sense as is just the prologue to the story but to me it sort of glimpses at the kind of story we could've had if they'd decided to make Teddy the new Harry.

Teddy Lupin SceneCollapse )
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Whoa this is definitely my record for time between posts. I've been doing a severe amount of Adult-ing lately I suppose, maybe that's why. I've felt really old and boring the last few months and I only just realised yesterday that LJ and fandoms help me feel..less like that I guess. So fuck it, I'm back.

I've been working so hard designing my own stuff and honestly it's been going so well, I've started a new business. But I hadn't noticed that running your own business consumes you and you become that asshole that only ever reads business stuff and that I don't have any outlet to just blah blah and waste time. And I think wasting time every now and again is good for the godamn soul right.

Plus I've not been writing at all and I really need that back in my life. But it's harder to be inspired if I'm only ever hanging out with my Adult self :)

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Anyway .. ahh. I missed you LJ xx
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08 May 2014 @ 07:03 pm
Went to Captain America Winter Soldier - finally - last night. How are you gonna go to a Marvel movie and not wait for the mid-credits and post-credits scenes? I mean seriously, there were only four people left from a half full theatre by the end.

Anyway - I liked it. Old Capt is super angsty and it almost annoyed me but then I realised he's 95 and all his friends and dead and I kinda get it. Loved ScarJo - I ship Capt with Natasha, even just for a quick sexual tension release I mean god, the guy must be a born again virgin by now.

I have this long epic Snow White and the Huntsman fic that I've been working on and I can't find an ending that I like. Wah :( It's over 30,000 words and I'm bout ready to give up.

I'm sure I had more to say when I started this post but ehhh :) sorry
Went to see Vampire Academy yesterday... Chrrrrrist it was bad. It was kinda so bad it was good though, so still not a waste of an afternoon. It poked fun of Twilight quite a bit which I thought was rich because it hit every YA cliche ever itself..Plus the character of Dimitri was cool but yiiikes that casting.

There was one bright spot for me - the lead, Rose, played byZoey DeutchCollapse )was amazing. I thought she looked familiar at times and when I looked her up it's because she is the daughter of the beautifulLea ThompsonCollapse )

- Marty's Mom in Back to the Future. Pretty cool to see a new generation coming through. Zoey was great in a dismal movie so would love to see what she gets up to next.

Also, currently reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. I didn't want to read it because I freakin hate books - especially YA books - where the characters are dying of cancer. As it turns out, the writing is pretty amazing. BUT, it's still a book about cancer. And - quick backstory, my Mum died of cancer ten years ago - yes very sad and terrible but happens to lots of people - I've always avoided books and movies about the big C coz sheesh, I already had enough of it irl, I don't need it in my fiction too. I haven't quite finished - I will tomorrow, but it's getting sadder and feeling like a chore. I'll probably go see the movie though for Shailene Woodley.

Any book recommendations flistys? I've just read all of Gillian Flynn's books and loved them plus I love good YA and romance with scifi or paranormal twists.
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03 February 2014 @ 09:56 am
um, wuttttttt, JK? What????

Briefly - for those who chill out under rocks;

JK Rowling admits Hermione should've ended up with Harry and Not Ron. And Emma Watson agrees with her. *confetti canons*Collapse )
So basically, it's like THIS ICON - my favourite since forever, HAS JUST COME TRUE.

Lol - look at their little faces. They look like mine :)

I don't even knoooow...I'm not even mad. I suppose I feel a little vindicated, because it always felt exactly what she said - that the whole final few books were just forcing a pre-conceived idea with all the ships.

But now I think about it - I'm actually glad that the canon is what it is. It started me writing for one - HHR is my OTP and I wouldn't have been so obsessed or inspired to write them if they had ended up canon. I literally started reading and writing fanfic because I just felt so ripped off by Harry and Hermione. And I discovered so many great fanfic writers from that fandom.

So...Wow. I see what you did there, Joanne.

This little piece of news may inspire me to dig up some of the tens of thousands of unpublished HHR words on my hard drive and have a read...maybe a post even, who knows! Lol, oh those crazy kids, still killin me after all these years <3 Raising my glass to them :)
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25 July 2013 @ 09:35 am
So pretty much my favorite character ever is Wolverine. I love the enigma and the tortured soul rage, I love the physical aggression that he has barely in check mixed with the side of him that loves just as fiercely. So I was looking forward to seeing The Wolverine but I was nervous because I'd seen the trailer and it didn't excite me - and I had mixed feelings because I knew they were going to tick some major Marvel Universe boxes with the addition of Yukio and Mariko and that whole storyline but I was scared it would end up all Tom Cruise Last Samurai-ish.

My basic non-spoilery review is that I was disappointed with most parts and satisfied with others. But just when I was feeling a bit crushed and naming the problems I had with it in the theatre as the credits rolled - ANOTHER SCENE COMES ON IN THE CREDITS WITH TWO MAJOR CHARACTERS FROM THE XMEN MOVIES. And it changes eeeeverything and now I am DYING for the sequel. So basically that one scene saved my experience.

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What fanfic should I write. I can't write any original stuff lately, I just feel like I suckkkk at it right now. Fanfic always gets me back into loving writing and eventually starting again with something original.
You know what I haven't done in aaaages? A meme :) Collapse )
Tag yourself if you want xx I have no idea where I got this from, saved it randomly forever ago.
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I was playing this iPhone game with my 8-year-old niece tonight - you had to find hidden objects in a picture and she had to find an ashtray.

Her: What's an ashtray?
Me: Uh... it's a thing...like a little dish where people who smoke cigarettes drop the ashes into as it burns. Then when they're finished they stub the butt out in it and it's like a rubbish bin then I guess. (not at my most eloquent tonight).
Her: Oh. *pretends to dry retch* Gross.

Makes me laugh -and feel REALLY OLD at the same time- how many things she just doesn't know about because they're outdated now. I mean, I know people still smoke but no-one in her family circle does, which is good I guess, but there's not so many places she would ever even see people doing it now, being 8 and all, everywhere she goes is smokefree pretty much. She thinks I grew up in Shakespearean times because I tell her that when I was little we couldn't pause or rewind live TV and because I can remember when you couldn't see your photos on the back of the camera straight away, you had to take it to the shop to get it developed - in a few days or an hour if you were lucky. She thinks that shit is hilaaaarious.

I have a new TV show - Elementary with Jonny Lee Miller (yes. just yes.) and Lucy Liu. Love it, love them. They have this cool chemistry which isn't even sexual I don't think or maybe it is but maybe that's why I love it more. Like I don't think I even want them to get together because their dynamic is so cool now but I keep watching every week because I want to see tiny shippy moments between them.

Also, can the Catching Fire movie hurry up now please. Please k thanks.
today I messed up. I've been trying to help plan my sister in law's *surprise* hens night and I accidentally sent her an email with all the details in it. FAIL GIANT FAIL. There's lots of ways I could explain it and make myself feel better about it because I've been doing lots of good work to help and blah blah but it just really irritates me when I fuck up like that. I know I shouldn't beat myself up about mistakes but MAN. I am so good at beating myself up. I should get paid for it.

Anyway, had to vent that. I'm sitting here watching the Grey's Anatomy final (that I had on tape) - and it's TRAUMATIC, I don't know how I'm going to sleep after this. Violent plane crash carnage man, wth. Dumb idea that I can't take back now coz I have to finish it before I go to bed. OOH there was just a shot of the hot blue-eyed doctor with his top off. Things are looking up.

(And I know I haven't posted on here since 1993 but I can't start every post with that comment coz that'll get boring. You know me, I'm sporadic to say the least.)

Oh but the main reason I came back to LJ is to say X MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST?? With both Wolverine and Rogue in it? Yes yes YES. If they don't have any kind of shippy scenes at all I will be PISSED.

Waaaait...the Grey's final just ended on a cliffhanger. Are you serious right now.
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