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Oh, that's right. LJ. How I have neglected you :(
But just remembered I have the LJapp and should really use this more as a journal because it's anonymous. My Twitter and Facebook are way too public and doing my head in a bit now. LJ is the only online place left that I can be myself and say whatever the fuck i want anymore.

I've been writing - little bit of Snow White and the huntsman Fic at Fanfic.net actually. Was rereading a finished HHR fic I always liked and toying with posting it but not sure if I like it enough or if it's right. Anyone keen for a casual read? It's a Harry-is-a womanizer one again haha :)

Hope my flisters(if I still have any!) are staying safe from Issac! Sounds like he's not gonna be another Katrina but thoughts with y'all anyway.

PS Has anyone read Michael Grant's 'GONE' series? I freaking love it.

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09 May 2012 @ 01:17 am
HOLY SHIT. I'm awake at one am having a full fangirl meltdown after watching the moment where Elena finally *FINALLY* kisses Damon on TVD - properly, not a dream, not Katherine, not compelled oohmyldhfawbvianvcpasjdfadlkjflaselx!!!! It was ridiculously good. I have the next episode to watch but I'm going to savor it and just enjoy this moment. Such a good scene...they got it so right. Apart from Jeremy cockblocking them but hey who am I kidding...draw the tension out forever, I'll be happy.

Okay and, serious thought.


Imagine it. I haven't heard any rumors or anything, that's just a random thought that sprang into my little brain after I watched Avengers because it was so fucking awesome. And then I pictured my favorite, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman, of course) hanging out with that group and omgosh. I can't stop thinking about it. Maybe I should write a fic. I've been thinking of posting again lately but can't decide what. I've got all these random fics just gathering dust on my hard drive so might just get over myself and post some for fun.

I'm off to go dream about Damon and Wolverine. Not at the same time! Hang on wait, no...actually maybe at the same time okay sorry I'll stop now k bye
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24 March 2012 @ 09:30 pm
Saw the Hunger Games today.

Fuck they did a good job.  I cried my eyes out.  If I was to fault anything, it would just be nitpicking for the sake of it really.  Beautifully cast, costumed, acted, LOVED seeing behind the scenes of the Arena which is the big plus of the movie vs the book.  Loved how it stayed true to the book. Jennifer Lawrence is awesome as Katniss.  Can't wait for Catching Fire.

That is all I have to say today.  OH no wait just this - I don't know if I can watch 21 Jumpstreet the movie.  It looks like they made it into a joke????!! WTF ...I LOVED 21 Jumpstreet! My big sister had them all on VHS and I adored them and took the whole set up of undercover cops at a high school very seriously so I'm kinda pissed they seem to just be mocking the original series.  I totally fell in love with Johnny Depp and him and his co star Holly Robinson's character were my first ever SHIP! So even tho I worship at the altar of Channing... I wish they'd made it more of a homage to the fans :(  
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29 February 2012 @ 11:44 pm
First post of 2012 and it's nearly March....that's gotta be a record.

I guess I'm always gonna be sporadic on LJ, and I know that means my FList will suffer but that's okay, I wouldn't expect anyone to keep up with my random posts especially with months in between lately. So no hard feelings at all for any defriends just in case anyone reads this :)

I guess I'll figure out this year if I can maintain this journal along with all my other online haunts and especially with a (one and half year old!!) baby. I'm sure I will always come back - I'm not really thinking of deleting, I just don't have much time for fandom stuff right now. But I always love that I'm anonymous on here and that I can be as fangirly as I want :)

I'll probably have to start a blog or something this year too - for my RL work because I'm doing a freelance writing course!  I've finally clicked that writing (articles, online content, advertising copy etc) encompasses my exceptionally random knowledge of many little things and my ability to talk shite in RL means I can talk people into letting me write for them! Mwahahaha.  The course is to point myself in that direction but I'll have to try and sell stuff asap too.  It also has the added bonus of letting me write the fiction I love to write too and fitting that all around my sleeping-or-eating-or-running-and-playing-baby.  Huzzah.

I saw the trailer for THE HUNGER GAMES at the movies last night *dies dies dies* SHIT I can't wait for that movie.  I still love books one and two and I don't have so much love for 3 but with more distance from it now I'm okay with it. (Phew Suzanne Collins will be SO relieved!)  I have gotten a total of - let me count - 1. my brother, 2. my little sister, 3. my gay boyfriend, 4. my nephew, 5. my cousin so FIVE people seriously hooked and obsessed with that series, every single one of them read all three books within the space of two weeks. Phenomenon. 

Anyway just a drive-by from me x
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17 November 2011 @ 03:12 am

3am..just back from midnight screening of

Breaking DawnCollapse )

So I got married..Collapse )

And on holiday I read 'Ashes' by Isla J Bick - a sorta dystopian/zombie apocalyptic story.  It's no Hunger Games but I enjoyed it.  Looking forward to number two.

Hey and I was watching Zoolander today and I found this guy;

Oh Eric from True Blood, how far you've come! Didn't realise that he was one of the male models killed in the freak gasoline fight!  He looks about 12 in that movie.

Ooh and while I'm in the mood...Fic meme. Tag yourself if you like.Collapse )

Aand, I decided something; the Harry and Hermione in my head when I'm writing fic look sorta like Steve/Captain America and Peggy on the Captain America movie.  See;

thats all x
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Haven't posted for SOOOoooo long...!  Nothing to say really, but just wanted to break the drought...

Sitting here kinda watching the craplicious sequel to Into the Blue (which was hardly a piece of art anyway..) which is creatively titled Into The Blue 2.
Baby is asleep...this is good!  But it's after midnight and I should be sleeping but am not...this is bad.

Fan stuff:

* Looking forward to; TVD, The Avengers (trailer is AMAZING!!), Breaking Dawn, The Hunger Games Movies
* Didn't write a review of HP Deathly Hallows  BUT it's because it was pretty much perfect in my eyes.  Love loved it.  (Ginny/Bonnie was still completely forced and bad , Ron and Hermione's kiss was tasty as a sawdust sandwich and it was DUMB how Hermione and Ron saw Harry on the way to the forest and just let him go but....blah.) Otherwise I was happy :)

And Reading:

Been reading a lot lately.  I've given in to embracing my love for YA Fiction - I just love that it's fast paced and not as indulgent as half the grown up stuff I "should" be reading.  So recently I've read;

* THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins. (trilogy)
LOVED books one and two, couldn't put them down.  Book three? Not so much. Just felt like there was too much unnecessary violence and it wasn't a satisfying ending for me.  That said, I still recommend it to everyone.  Just loved every bit of it.  I think I ship Katniss and Gale but the movie may convince me either way.

* DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth
Enjoyed this too.  Not as much as THG but it scratches the dystopian itch, even though I don't feel like Roth's world is very believable in places.  The romance was okay, not mind blowing, cept for a great kissing scene on a train haha.  Still recommend it and looking forward to the next in the series (three are planned but not written I think?).

* FATEFUL by Claudia Gray
A werewolf tale set on the Titanic.  Not as ridiculous as it sounds, but maybe because I have a bit of a Titanic fascination anyway.  I couldn't get into Gray's Evernight series so this was a nice surprise that this one kept me reading.  Wouldn't recommend as such but was enjoyable enough.

Wanna read Ashes by Isla Bick next, sorta a zombie apocalypse story - have read an excerpt and am looking forward to it.

Any reading recs always appreciated - I'm going on holiday overseas soon so will need lots of reading material!


There!  It feels good to be talking to myself again! haha :)  
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(I was a key that could use a little turning)
Love that lyric/song.  Reminds me of my Mum listening to it when I was little. (Runaway Train by Soul Asylum

Asylum is a cool word.  I just noticed.

Feel like doing a MEMECollapse )
Tag yourself if you're in the mood.

Here's a random thought - I just decided on a real life couple who'd be perfect together... Ian Somerhalder and Hayden Panettiere.  (I know that is completely tragic and wrong that I spend time thinking about this shit but...I just had to vent it here in case it actually happens and then I can be all proud and told-you-so ish.)  See, they're both really into animal advocacy and saving dolphins and stuff plus he has a similar look as her ex Milo Ventimiglia.  Ian also has a weirdly spelt last name so that's a sign right there.  So if anyone has their numbers and can hook them up - make it happen.

And I'm thinking of making my journal friends only.  ONLY because of the spam thing.  It's getting a little out of control.  Idk...I'll keep an eye on it.

Cannot. Wait. For. HP8.
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 yay I finally found a random meme I haven't done!  I got it from a journal I just found and friended because of her *afuckinmazing* HHR fic - sunny_serenity

meme-mememity-memeageCollapse )

 If you wanna do it, tag you're it x

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 Wow just wow.  I've never been a fan of spoilers but thanks to Twitter I didn't have a choice last night.. TVD season 2 finale spoilers were unavoidable if you were anywhere near the internet...and so I gave in and watched THE scene on YouTube... and omigosh. what a sceneCollapse )
I'm such a fangirl lately.  I'm writing an AU Delena fic...idk tho, not sure if I'll ever post it.  But I just love having another ship to obsess over ...FANGIRL flail. LOL.

In RL..I watched Hoodwinked 2 today.  It was cuute!  Made up for that horrendous movie Hop..that was a pile of shite.   (I watch a lot of animated films, thanks to lots of little kiddie relatives.)  Hoodwinked 2 was kinda smart, lots of good adult jokes.  I've been watching so many movies lately.  Not at all good for the diet.Collapse )

I read back nearly my entire journal the other day!  Whoa..that's an experience huh.  Good tho.Collapse )

And I also remembered how much I love doing MEMES.  Does anyone have a good one they could recommend..? Just something with general random questions.

Now watching Clash of The Titans on TV.  I have serious love for Sam Worthington.
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